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Star Toyota-Nissan
4da fans of TRD and NISMO

Group Founder: luvbyter
Description: A simple group where we all can discuss toyota and nissan products. Styling and tuning tips, a place where we can get new ideas and tips, we don't know everythin in life, but we can help each other to learn and know more! Life is about sharing and if u join this group its obvious we already share the same taste in cars. Special thanx to Toyota Racing Development and Nissan NISMO. Greetings too Honda and Mazda. Respect to all j*p cars! PRANASHAN MOODLEY, X@thebombshelter.Za.Net . . . Www.Thebombshelter.Za.Net
Group Type: Public join
Members: 23
Category: Sports & Fitness > Motorsports

Topics (11)

go 4E_FTE head on a 5A_FE bottom (0) lonestr
Goes pretty fast on 5lb of boost looking for low comp pistons an crank now so I can really up some boost like 20lbs

go TRD (1) playa87
For u wats da best toyota and y?

go The 90's 3.0 v6 nissan (3) techside
Personall its in th top three of my fav cars! especiall th single cab, wit stif&lowerd suspension, wit roarin sound comin frm th engine not th exhaust! do u agree its killah?

go aiming for 300-350 hp on sr (0) 240sxs13
So I plan on swapping an sr on my 240 n I'm aiming for 300 or so hp I'm think of getting a t3/t4 hybrid boosting round 18psi upgrade injectors to 550cc MAYBE a greddy intake mani n definately a z32 ma...

go Hey, i'm new! (1) accordtt
Whats up guys. Got myself a 1986 Toyota Pickup Sport. Its stock right now, but have air ride parts sittin in my room for it. Lol, should be sick when its done.

go Taz (4) leatita9
Has any one heard of a taz going 170 kmh on a standard 1300?

go Toyota car club (0) dbnracer
Does any one know if there is a toyota car club in durban?

go Cams on the Toyota 4age twincam (0) luvbyter
Hey people, those of you who have the legendary twincam motor, first stage cams are 256. Second stage is 288 and third stage is 304.

go TBS-Cars now opened (0) luvbyter
Hey people, I've jus started a small car club which is also a small online magazine... Which is for cars from richards bay, emp and some from stanger wil be allowed. Check it at

go 2007 is here (0) luvbyter
Happy new year to the TN members!! Hope everyone has learnt atleast one speeding lesson last yr. Guys lets start makin this group work. I'l be adding alot of data to the site soon, and also please not...

go Welcome (0) luvbyter
Sorry guys i've been busy lately. Thank you for joinin my group, I'l work on it as soon as i get time. In the mean while feel free to leave nissan and toyota tips or comments.